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  • Airgard ORIGINAL is a DIY product (self moulded) which does not need impressions and models
  • ORIGINAL is constructed from ethylene vinyl acetate – EVA and is available in various colours all with Airgard technology of air-inclusions
  • ORIGINAL mouthguards can be branded internally with club or sponsor logos
  • All Airgard ORIGINAL mouthguards come with a storage case
  • Available in junior (6-11 years) and adult (12+ years)
  • One in ten product discount for orders >10
  • Fabrication instructions on web-site
  • If you would like a custom logo in the mouthguard please get in contact with us
  • Also you get 1 free for every 10 purchased! 

 Moulding Instructions Airgard ORIGINAL:

Step 1: Heat the Airgard ORIGINAL mouthguard in just boiled water for 10-12 seconds.

Step 2: Remove from hot water with a utensil and vigorously shake water off.

Step 3: Insert in mouth over upper teeth and bite gently to leave an imprint. DO NOT BITE THROUGH THE MOUTHGUARD.

Step 4: Mould mouthguard around teeth and especially up under the lip under your nose with fingers and thumbs. Use firm pressure with moulding and continue for 30 seconds.

Step 5: At the same time mould onto the roof of the mouth with hard sucking pressure onto the palate while finger and thumb moulding.

Step 6: Stabilise the mouthguard by placing in room temperature water for 3 minutes


  • Repeat the procedure to improve the adaption of the mouthguard
  • The length of the mouthguard may be reduced by trimming with scissors. DO NOT CUT INTO AIR-CELLS

Keep your mouthguard clean with soap and cold water and store in a cool place