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  • HIGRIP is a DIY product (self moulded) which does not need impressions and models
  • Airgard HIGRIP provides superior adaption and retention in the mouth
  • HIGRIP is constructed from a new polyolefin of propylene and ethylene which is also used in food packaging, food wrapping films and children’s toys
  • HIGRIP mouthguards can be branded internally with club or sponsor logos (enquiries
  • All HIGRIP mouthguards come with a storage case
  • Polyolefin mouthguard material has been awarded the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance 2015
  • If you would like a custom logo in the mouthguard please get in contact with us
  • A feature of this mouthguard is that printing is not used for customisation. 
  • Also you get 1 free for every 5 purchased!




Moulding instructions for the Airgard HIGRIP:

These instructions are for those older than 12 years of age and these mouthguards are not suitable for those undergoing orthodontic treatment with appliances on their teeth or for those with bridges.

Step 1: First, wrap the mouthguard in a paper towel and wet it in water

Step 2: Place the mouthguard with its wet wrapping on a microwave safe plate and heat in a microwave (1000 to 1200 watt) on high setting for 80 seconds

Step 3: Drop the mouthguard with its hot wet paper towel wrapping into a bowl of room temperature water

Step 4: Unwrap the paper towel in the water and remove the mouthguard from the water and place in mouth on upper teeth. Finger touch will identify the suitable temperature for insertion in the mouth – as warm as possible is best!

Step 5: Bite gently into the mouthguard with your back teeth – DO NOT bite hard but just leave an indentation of your lower teeth

Step 6: With FIRM PRESSURE mould the mouthguard to your teeth with your thumbs. Start at the back and move forward to the front teeth. You cannot use “too much” pressure

Step 7: Mould the front flange of the mouthguard with finger pressure up under your nose as far as possible while moulding to the front teeth

Step 8: Repeat steps 6 and 7 thumbs and fingers

Step 9: Suck your tongue onto the roof of the mouth and hold the suction for 1 minute

Step 10: Remove the mouthguard from your mouth and stabilise in the bowl of water for 4 minutes

Step 11: Wash with soap and water, then store in a cool and dry place

Note: If your new HIGRIP mouthguard has too much “grip”, heat it again in a microwave (on high) for 60 seconds, immerse in room temperature water then reinsert in mouth. Suck your mouthguard on the roof of the mouth for 1 minute then stabilise in room temperature water for 4 minutes.

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